Flaunting Fabulousness in a sustainable, eco-friendly way

About Us

      FabulousVintageHats featuring exclusive eclectic selections from an amazing lifelong hat collector, fashionista and friend.  All millinery eras through contemporary designer.  Founded with a passion for vintage upcycling, and nurtured around the philosophy of buying quality, choosing well, and making it timeless.  Janies of Miami specializing in high quality vintage and vintage remix upcycled clothing, including cashmere, sweaters, furs, dresses, lingerie, handbags, purses, scarves, gloves, hankies, and jewelry. Many are handmade and one of a kind. Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Midcentury, Mod. 1900s thru 1990s.  We are proud of our commitment to corporate social responsibility in being a small part of creating a zero waste, healthy Mother Earth. 
     The sustainable benefits of vintage and preowned pieces includes fewer carbon emissions, saving water consumption, zero pesticide or chemicals released, reducing waste and the repetitive need to produce more,  Choosing vintage and preowned fashion is a simple sustainable way you can reuse, recycle, repurpose for a healthier Earth,  Often made in a timeless style when quality mattered and designed to last longer, vintage/ upcycled pieces add to a personal sense of style and individuality, letting us stand out and look fabulous while ensuring the Earth will be here for future generations of fashionistas. It may seem like a superficial change, but wearing vintage clothes is a little change that can go a long way.